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The customer acknowledges that he has read through the following general conditions of sale.
Validation of your order form by clicking on "validate my order" is equivalent to full and complete acceptance of these general conditions of sale. After clicking on acceptance, the order is considered irrevocable and cannot be challenged.
The  website established on French territory is subject to French law. Any order involves, automatically and by right, your adherence to our general conditions of sale. These general conditions of sale are governed by French law, with regard to substance and form.
Our product prices, inclusive of tax, are listed in Euros, and do not include shipping charges. They are applicable for the duration of validity of the UNIKADO electronic catalog, in which rates are periodically updated.
Shipping charges, custom taxes and formalities are the exclusive responsibility of customers.
4.1- Conditions
Products ordered are delivered to the address indicated by the customer. Packages will be forwarded to the addressee via our regular carrier, or in any event by a carrier of our choice.
The customer is advised to check the state of the packaging, as well as the contents of the package(s) at the time of delivery, and to check that quantities and items tally with the information on the order form. The signature on the delivery receipt will be equivalent to acceptance by the customer.
The customer is advised to inform "ETABLISSEMENTS UNIKADO" of any shipment damages within 48 hours of receipt of the package.
4.2- Delivery times
Metropolitan FRANCE :
The average delivery time for standard service is 48/72 hours from receipt of the order.
Nota. From December 15th to January 15th, delivery time is 5 days maximum.
EUROPEAN UNION: 4 working days
OTHER COUNTRIES: variable depending on destination (maximum 15 days)
Except in cases of force majeure, delivery times will be those indicated above, within the limits of available stock.
These times are exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and French public holidays. All orders will be processed Monday through Friday until 1:30 PM, except on French public holidays. This period is guaranteed, and non-compliance may result in a refund.
For standard service, deliveries are made Monday through Friday (except for public holidays).
For express service (France), deliveries are made Monday through Friday (except for public holidays).
Late delivery :
We will do our best to deliver your shipment within our usual delivery times. However, if we were unable to fulfil this condition we must inform you that under no circumstances may you claim a refund on the product from UNIKADO. Only delivery charges can be the subject of a refund.
4.3- Circumstances beyond our control
We cannot be held responsible for losses, damage, errors or non-delivery of a shipment if the existence of circumstances beyond our control has been established. The term " circumstances beyond our control", is intended to refer, in particular, to :
§ - Accidental circumstances or emergencies, in particular: earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, floods, wars, traffic accidents, train and plane accidents, embargoes, etc.
§ Any faults or peculiarities associated with the nature of the shipment even though we were aware of this at the time of our acceptance.
§ Any defective or careless act of any third party such as: the shipper, the recipient, any interested third party, any customs employee or any employee of any other administration, the postal service, any freight company or other third party to whom the shipment may have been entrusted by our carrier, in order to service areas not directly serviced by itself, even if the sender has not asked for, or been informed of, this recourse to a third party.
Likewise, we are not responsible for any damage caused by electric or magnetic phenomena and/or for the deletion of electronic or photographic images or recordings.
4.4- Consequential damages
In the event of breach of our obligations, whatever the cause, UNIKADO will be solely responsible for refunding the delivery charges, subject to the reservations stated above (Late Delivery), and under no circumstances for any consequential damages claimed by a customer. These consequential damages and losses are understood in particular to refer to any loss of income, profits, interest or contracts, and any loss associated with the impossibility of using all or part of the shipment.
4.5- Breakage during shipment
If a package reaches the recipient in damaged condition the recipient must refuse the package. The carrier will be responsible for informing UNIKADO. On receiving this information, Unikado undertakes to immediately re-ship an identical package to the recipient. Under no circumstances will the customer be able to demand a refund of the product and delivery charges.
4.6- Product availability
All the products are available from stock. However, given the specific nature of the products offered, we are not always able to restock from our suppliers. Our supply is therefore understood to be within the limits of available stock, subject to the aforementioned exceptions.
We generally update our database of products on a regular basis. However, the products displayed as available may sometimes have become unavailable at the time your order is processed. Consequently, the customer expressly relieves unikado of all liability regarding the constraints mentioned above.
If the products ordered are available, your order is processed within 3 working days, and delivered within a time period of no more than 15 days, depending on the destination.
If the products ordered are not available at the time of processing your order but can be restocked, they will be sent to you as soon as they come into stock.
If the products ordered are not available at the time your order is processed, and cannot be restocked, we will inform you of the situation by mail, e-mail or telephone.
4.7- Deterioration of product quality
Under no circumstances will Unikado will be held responsible for any deterioration of the quality of the products and their packing, caused during transportation.
4.8- Delivery address
If the package is returned to Unikado marked "address incomplete" or "address incorrect", Unikado undertakes to contact its customer and inform him of the situation, requesting additional information about the address or a new delivery address. The charges for re-shipping will be the responsibility of the customer. Obviously, in this situation the starting point of the new delivery time will be linked with Unikado receiving the new information about the new address.
Payment for your purchases is accepted either on-line with a bankcard or by sending a check. Company orders will be invoiced. The customer's account will only be debited for the amount of the products ordered and actually delivered. The customer guarantees to UNIKADO that he has any authorization required for using the method of payment chosen by him, when validating the purchase order. For payment by card, the stipulations relating to the fraudulent use of bankcards for payment are applied.
To concerned safety, for the orders with consequent amounts (more than 500 € for France, more than 300 € for Europe), we are authorized to re-credit the corresponding sum and to ask to carry out the payment by credit transfer. In all the cases, the customer will be contacted and informed of this step.
In order to optimize the security of INTERNET transactions, a system of on-line payment (Cyberplus) is offered to the customer. This allows the encryption of all data relating to your order (including your name, address and credit card number), so that the information that you send us is protected during the transmission.
In addition, the encryption means and services used to make the transactions secure was the subject of a declaration or authorization pursuant to the legislation in force.
In order to be taken into consideration, any request to cancel an order must reach us before the products are embroidered. The minimum time for notifying us is 24 hours before.This cancellation must be made by mail, fax or telephone.
You can submit a claim in the event of loss (incorrect delivery), or damage occurring during shipment:
This claim must be filed with us within 30 (thirty) days of the date your order was accepted, and it must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the following address:Unikado-Le gaigné-72110 Nogent le bernard - FRANCE.
ETABLISSEMENTS UNIKADO will not be held liable in cases of breach of contract, interruption in stock or product unavailability, force majeure, and, more specifically, in cases of all-out or partial strikes, flood, fire or other natural catastrophes and, in general, any event preventing satisfactory execution of the order.
The "OK" associated with the process of authentication, non-repudiation and protection of message integrity, constitutes an electronic signature. This electronic signature is the equivalent of a handwritten signature between the parties.
The electronic files, stored under reasonably secure conditions in the UNIKADO information processing systems, will be considered as proof of communications, orders and payments concluded between the parties.
All contractual provisions as defined above are governed by French law. You may contact our customer service with regard to settling any dispute, and in the absence of an amicable solution, the Courts of LE MANS will alone have jurisdiction.

Head Office : UNIKADO Le gaigné 72110 Nogent le Bernard FRANCE
General Manager : N Chartrain
Publishing Director : N Chartrain

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